How do I copy/transfer animations from 1 to another sprite?

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  • Hey,

    as described in the 'subject' I wanted to know if it is possible to copy animations from a sprite to another one in the same game?


    I got 2 Players with different looks now. I made my game have a splitscreen and also want it to have a character select, too.

    As I read in another post, I will make a global variable for 'Player1' and then change it by which character is chosen. When I chose one it will change the variable to a unique one, based on the character.

    The Sprite for Player1 will have Animations like: Character_1_move, Character_1_Attack.....Character_2_Move etc. When the character is chosen it will just use different Animations of THE SAME sprite, so basically all characters are 1 sprite. When e.g. the variable is set to character 2's variable, it will always display the Animations of him.

    The problem is: I got 2 characters already but didn't implement my idea yet. Now I want to copy the Animations from my 2 characters and paste it in the other so you can play a mirror match (Its a splitscreen 1vs1 game)

    So, is it possible to copy the Animations of my 'Player2' sprite into my 'Player1' sprite and the other way around? I don't want to search all the animations over again from my folders and add them manuelly...also i edited some in Construct 2.

    Thank's for reading and sorry for my bad English, it's not my main language x)

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  • In the project files made by construct you wil find a folder 'Animations'.

    There you find the animations for each object.

    Get the sprite you want to change in the Image and Animations editor. Right click the animation bar, and import the needed frames from above mentioned folder.

    Better back up existing animation.

    This, because i suppose you dont want to replace an object in a bunch of events. In base its easyer to clone.

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