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  • I have two arrays BigArray is 100x100, and SmallArray is 10x10

    Can anyone suggest the best method to copy a 10x10 portion of BigArray into SmallArray.

    I have tried ForEach, For, loopindex.... and cant get anything to work.

    Suggestions would really be appreciated before i pull all my hair out

  • offsetx = X Location to Start Copy to in the BigArrray

    offsety = Y Location to Start Copy to in the BigArrray

    For "x" 0 to 9:

    For "y" 0 to 9:

        BigArray((offsetx + x), (offsety + y)) = SmallArray(x,y)

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  • This is one way to do it where COL and ROW is the top left position to copy from.

    local number COL=5

    local number ROW=10

    SmallArray: For each XY element

    --- SmallArray: Set value at (SmallArray.CurX, SmallArray.CurY) to BigArray.At(COL+SmallArray.CurX, ROW+SmallArray.CurY)


    Too slow...

  • RangerJim Thanks, would the following (copying portion of big into small)

    For "x" 0 to 9:

    For "y" 0 to 9:

        SmallArray(x,y) = BigArray((offsetx + x), (offsety + y))

    would this equate to this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Where the Array within the For loops is smallArray

    I think I have problems with the syntax relating to arrays

  • Rojohound... that works. Although the above For loop did not for the alternative For each loop does. Must be my interpretation of a For loop that's in error. Thanks.

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