How do I copy text between text files

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  • I am working on editing an application that I am using for my students weekly exam.

    Before, it would simply ask random questions from a questions text file until the max number of questions have been asked. Then it would allow the students to submit the score to an online SQL database.

    But, I wanted to edit the app to have it copy/append the questions that were incorrect to a second text file so that when the main sheet is reloaded it would instead ask questions from the second question sheet.

    I've attached the main sheets, could use some help with this one issue.

    In the attached sheet, I've put together the rest of the logic as but now just need to figure out the last issue.

    Here is the link: tfepc *dot* //com// tmp/CText1.capx

    Thanks in advance for the assist!

    ""Sorry for the weird text but I can't post links yet""

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