Is there any way to copy protect textarea?

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  • I Disabled and unfocused my Textbox (textarea) to copy protect it data. it only work on preview mode. when i open it with android and long press on the textarea, the data is become ready to copy on android clipboard.

    How can i make copy protect textbox for android? is it possible?

    or how can i replace the android clipboard when long press?

  • Are you talking about the textbox or the text-object?

  • i'm talking about textbox. (because it has default scrolling system) LittleStain

  • If you use a normal Text object instead of the form control, the user cannot select anything or copy it.

  • Text object has not any scrolling system when i set a large number of text on it

    I use Scrolling plugin but it not work for me properly.

    Is there any way to scroll like textbox on text object?


  • If you could give an example of the effect you are after, someone might be able to explain how to achieve it..

    Textbox-object is meant for entering text, text-object is meant for displaying text..

    You might have to create some events to get your desired effect, or settle for a slightly different effect..

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  • I'm trying but can't scroll the text object's text as textbox.

    My problem to use Text object:

    Suppose my layer size is "452, 556" . I add a text objects on it. then i load e txt file with file chooser and set the text on text object. but Text object only shows some of text on the layer. there are no way to see the other text which is outer of the layer.


    look at the image..

  • it's work but slow down my app. actually its scroll the whole layout ...

    Can it possible too scroll like textarea?

  • <script type="text/javascript">

    $(document).ready(function() {

    $('#kv_text_box').bind('copy paste cut',function(e) {

    e.preventDefault(); //this line will help us to disable cut,copy,paste




    LittleStain bro...

    i found the script. but i don't understand how can i use this script on Advance Textarea plugin...

  • jabedbd,

    As LittleStain said above

    [quote:2lrx5otk]Textbox-object is meant for entering text, text-object is meant for displaying text..

    If you want it to function like textarea then you are going to have to pull some rabbits out of your sleeve as you are making it do what it isn't intended to do.

    The issue is the scrollbar, if you want to put a up down button you can move the text up and down using an array. Check the multiplayer chat box for source.

    But the easiest is to use the TextBox Object and textarea as this is what is is ment for.

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