How do I copy layout with layers from one project to another

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  • Hello is there a possibilty to copy the whole layout with layers from one project to another that layers will be available in the new project too?

    thank you


  • Yes and no. You can't copy neither Layouts nor Layers from inside Construct 2. But, if you save your projects as project folders (instead of being saved into one capx file, every project will be a folder filled with all the project files), then you can copy-paste the Layouts and Event sheets .xml files from one Project to another. Just make sure that all the objects that appear in those Layouts and Event sheets exist in both Projects prior to copying the .xml files (or Construct will show an error message).

    It works, I've been doing it a lot lately.

  • Oh and I forgot to say that you'll also have to open the .caproj file of your second project (the one into which you copied the Layouts from the first project) using a notepad application, and find the list of Layouts and Event sheets to add the new Layouts and Event sheets you've just copied.

    I'll try to make a tutorial about this when I have the time, since it doesn't seem like there is already one.

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  • This youtube video may be helpful.

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