How do I copy events from 1 project to a nother

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  • hi i have a question.

    i have 2 games i am working on.

    but now i need a big part of the event sheet events thats in 1 of my games.

    to be in the other game to.

    i tryed to open them both and try copy paste but that dont work.

    i also tryed to paste a copy of the event sheet in the folder on the other game.

    but then it dos not show in construct 2

    i also tryed to make a new event sheet in the game go to the folder and replace the empty event sheet with the one i need so i can use include event sheet but then i get a error when i open constract 2

    also i tryed to include event sheet but then i only see the event sheets of that project (offcourse)


    is there a easy way to copy event from 1 project to the other project

    or do i need to spend 3 hours to put then in manualy?

  • You can copy from one project to another as long as you prepare the other project first by ensuring that any referenced object, variable, addon exists in the new project prior to the copy and paste.

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  • Is there an easy way, the answer is No.

    But you can copy paste events if you have the same objects with same names in both files, otherwise it wont work.

  • Oke thank you zenox98 and imhotep22.

    I will try that

    I will put in the same sprites and globale veribales.

    First so i can edit them and later delete them

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