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  • How do I copy a whole event sheet onto another construct 2 document. Please reply ASAP. On a deadline

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  • 1. Open two instances of C2: your old project and your new one.

    2. Go to the event sheet you want to copy. Click on the very first event so it is highlighted.

    3. Now, scroll to the bottom of the sheet, hold shift, click on the very last event.

    4. All you events should be highlighted now. Press copy.

    5. Go to your new project. Go to an event sheet (empty, other events, no difference). Press paste.

    6. If the new project does not satisfy all the dependencies referenced in your copied code (obj and var names, behaviors, etc), then C2 will tell you the first error it runs across.

    7. Add/tweak objects/vars/behaviors until you can paste the event sheet in without issue (at least, without c2 complaining).

    8. ???

    9. Profit!

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