copy event sheet from one project to another?

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  • Made a boo boo and deleted some much needed event sheets out of my project. I do have a backup but it was done after I screwed up.

    Although not a major issue, I can recreate them but I was hoping I could just do a copy/paste from one project to another.

    Did a little search but found no instructions on if this is possible.

  • Okay, this is kind of a hack.

    Save the project that contains the event sheets you want using Save as Project... not a Save as a Single File.... Let's call this one Project A).

    In the project where you want to add the event sheets (Project B) create new event sheets equal in number to the amount of event sheets you want to add. Take note of the names of these sheets. Now save this project using the Save as Project... option, but in a different location as the earlier project.

    Change the names of the event sheets in Project A to match the names of the new event sheets in Project B. You also need to use a text editor to change the event sheet names inside the event sheets. Copy the the event sheets from Project A over to the correct folder in Project B overwriting the blank event sheets.

    Open Project B and copy and paste to your hearts content.

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  • You can open both projects in C2, create a new event sheet in the project you want to copy TO.

    Open the event sheet you want to copy, ctrl+a > ctrl+c.

    Go to the event sheet you just created, ctrl+v.

    Works for me

  • got it..thanks

  • The only issue you may run into with caiorosisca's method is if you have a global variable on a different event sheet. Anything using that global variable in the copy and paste wont be copied.

    I guess that could be an issue with my method too if you don't all event sheets, and now I'm wondering how duplicate global variable would be handled.

  • I have a similar question: I made a pretty detailed game level. I thought it would be easier to just 'duplicate' the layout on the second level so I don't have to bother copying/pasting lots of the graphics in the second level. That worked fine.. However, now I evidently am stuck/forced to use the 'event editor' from level 1 ALSO on my level 2 game (since I duplicated the layout). It does NOT let me use a different 'event editor' for level 2.

    Is there a way to tell the software to use a different 'event editor' for level 2 since I duplicated the first level? I tried to create a new 'event editor' using the same name that I used for level 2, but that doesn't work. I THOUGHT this would be a great way to continue building the second level without having to re-create the entire level over using mostly the same graphics from level 1 but perhaps I'm wrong.

  • Select the layout tab. In the properties panel there is a Layout properties called Event sheet. You can select a different event sheet there. (You have to make the new event sheet in the Projects window first)

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