How do I copy elements over to another project?

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  • Hi,

    is this possible?

    I set up a testing project and have it real nice. Is it possible to somehow copy these 'things' from one project to another?

    So, copying the content from one event sheet to another in a new project and all connected objects are automatically copied too?

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  • clarify: "things" and "content"

    I think you can open a new project and drag and drop in the window on the right edge

  • I have sprites with instances, and a sprite with instance variables. I have the appropriate events with some global variables in the event sheet.

    I can only include event-sheets from other project-internal event-sheets. Must I really start from zero for every new project or can I copy the logic from one project to the other?

    I hope this clarifies it a bit...

  • Ok, I think I got a working solution.

    1. copy all objects from the Layout to the new Project-Layout (it seems as if I can only copy&paste from within Layouts)

    2. Create the needed Families manually

    3. Add any other object-types, like Touch e.g. wich are not associated directly to any visible objects

    4. In the Eventsheet from the new project, create a temporary comment and select it.

    5. copy & paste first all the global variables, since, they are referenced in the conditions. You can only paste, when you've got something other selected, thus the need for selecting the added comment.

    6. move the comment to the bottom and now copy & paste the other conditions, groups, like before.

    Works, good enough for me right now. If anybody knows of a more streamlined way, please feel free to explain.

  • Should this work from a later version to an earlier version? I've just tried doing this from v177 to 173. I copied all the globals first which was fine. I then added necessary plugins. I then copied my entire event sheet (small project) and when I pasted it into my empty sheet on 173, I got this error:


    I narrowed it down to the Touch: On tap gesture.. events. None of these will paste properly.

    Any clues? Has there been a change of internal clipboard format from 173 to 177? Thanks.

  • ahh. yeah.. Tap gesture... not available in 173.. just realised

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