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  • Hi there,

        I was wondering if there is a way to make a cookie cutter like effect.

    Like, if two objects overlap, one masks the other and shows the background? A kind of opacity mask. I would need all objects on a layer to be a "cutter" and an object on a separate layer to be the cookie. thanks!

  • maybe the easiest way is to use the Canvas plugin by R0J0hound, and do a simple paste to cut it.

  • maybe the easiest way is to use the Canvas plugin by R0J0hound, and do a simple paste to cut it.

    Cool. I checked it out, and I kind of understand. I can get it to cut it, But how would I have the objects moving? I add 8 way to them and the cutout wont move.

  • oh, then just use layers' filters. Put the objects and use the XOR(I think) filter to achieve the desired effect. It's in the properties window of the Layout, at the left sidebar.

  • oops, it's:

    Layer 1: Blend Mode: destination Atop

    Layer 0: Blend mode: normal.

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  • Hey man, thanks again.

    Its still not pulling off the effect Im looking for. Let me try to explain like this.

    Layer 2 "top" Has a star sprite

    Layer 1 "mid" Has a black tiled background

    Layer 0 "background" Has a picture of clouds.

    What I need is for the star on layer 2 to "punch" a star shaped hole in the "mid" layer that shows through to the "background: layer. So I could have many star sprites that show through to the cloud layer, but keeps the mid background black where there is not a star. Hopefully that makes more sense.

  • Layer 2: put the Stars, Layer blend mode: normal. Transparent: yes

    Layer 1: put one PunchSprite, set blend to: destination out (both in the sprite and in the layer), set Transparent: No (set to black)

    Layer 0: Clouds

    Event: onClick Star.

    Action: spawn "punch" on layer1

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