Convolution effect + This new RTS example

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  • Hi.


    Well, I have been trying to add a convolution effect to some audio files in my project, but I can't!

    You know, I have checked C2's example about audio effects before, and I know that I need something like a void (Empty) audio file to create this effect, but I don't know how to get this void audio file.

    So, any help would be appreciated. Can anybody give me that audio file which is used for creating convolution effect?


    And by the way, I just noticed that an example of a RTS game is finally created by C2 developers and is available in r137 examples .

    Unfortunately, I still use r132 and cannot download the newer version because of my low speed connection.

    So... I was wondering if anybody could give me that file? I'm really curious to see it.


    Thanks for reading

    [Sorry for my bad English]

  • You should read the documentation. That audio file isn't blank, it's the convolution. If the audio file is different, the convolution is different. Apparently there are websites and libraries where you can download these effects.

  • O well, thanks for answering.

    But, I was curious to know, can I create these convolution audio files myself?

    And how do I find the specific convolution effect for my sound?! I mean, there are billions of audio files in the world, how can I find the proper one?!!

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  • if only you could tell the internet to find something you need..

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