Conveyor belt problems with overlapping

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  • I have set up a conveyor belt which spawns a sprite every time the spawned sprite has left the area where it was spawned from.

    Unfortunately at points the spawns are meant to stop and start again after 3 seconds but when that happens the gaps between the spawned objects get wider or overlap.

    Help please

  • I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do and what part of that isn't working the way you expect it to..

    Something has to stop for three seconds and start again?

    What events/actions are you using for this?

  • I am basically made a sprite to spawn a box and that box moves down. when the box that was created is out of the area it was spawned another box is spawned and repeats this process. But every now and the the player can stop it and after 3 seconds it will start again. When that happens the box's will either overlap or a bigger space is made.

  • What events/actions are you using for this?

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  • I am using a spawn another object to make the box's and and 8 directional movement for the box's to move with a attribute which when set to 0 simulates pressing down. There is another sprite laid over the spawn area and i used a when box and sprite not overlapping spawn a box. For the box to stop moving I have been changing the attribute to 1 to stop simulating pressing down.

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    Too much guesswork.

    This is why we always suggest providing a .capx that highlights your problem so that those willing to help can see the problem for themselves. It makes helping a user so much easier and quicker.

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