How do I make a Conveyor Belt

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  • Does anyone know a easy way of making a Conveyor Belt?

    It would look something like this:

    <img src="http://lh4gleusercontent/xqMXuVD0OthRPwK9h4pzhxc7UBoCa6FtAgi0J0PUDryGo_8xqOHK8bpde1nteYj8BqgdAe-iRA=s640-h400-e365" border="0" />

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  • smitchell: your image does not display (I tried to "correct" the link, but it appears to be a wrong link anyway).

    Also be more specific as in what setting/configuration you would like a conveyor belt to be displayed/simulated in your game.

    Edit: Ha ok, I've seen your picture, still have to copy it as text and copy it in the url bar.

    Well you could use moving platforms. Refer to the moving platforms example in your c2 folder\examples.

  • Kyatric

    Hmm, Well thats what i initially tried, But i think I need to use physics, Because I want the user to be able to add boxed on top of the conveyor belt, then adjust the speed of the belt so it will fling the box according to physics.. But how would i wrap the two circles with the belt?

  • Make every segment of the belt as an object and use distant joints from physics behavior to attach them together. The rollers need to have physics as well with circle collision. Then apply a torque to the rollers through events to make them spin.

    As an alternative you can make an object with an animation of a conveyor belt and make the other objects be pushed when overlapping it. This solution would be simpler, but less "interactive" though.

  • It depends if your game is heavily physics based or not. The simplest way to do it is to make an object with several animations - the centre sections and the end caps if needed. Animate these graphically and use 'is overlapping' while comparing position to apply a directional movement.

  • 1. belt object, physics behavior, immovable = true

    2. box object, physics behavior

    3. box on collision with belt -> box apply x-force 100

    4. ???

    5. profit! :D

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