How do I Convert Particles to Sprite animation ?

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  • I want to make a game that is relying heavily on particles, but is for mobile and the performance can be diminished.

    What I was thinking is to create a small editor (in C2) , insert the particle and canvas plugin and take a snapshot at 10-15 FPS then save the animation as a png.

    Does anyone already know about a simple to use software that is already doing this or at least give some tips about pros and cons regarding this approach ?

  • Blender is great for this:

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    You can learn that in 3 minutes.

    There are others like WAX, and Sony has a special effects package.

    There are even free ones online like this one:

    Texturemaker has one that will calculate seamless loops, but it does not work on modern PC;s . you need a windows XP computer to use it.

  • jojoe Thanks for the links.

  • if you have ur particles in flash or gif u can use any tool that allow u to explode the gif into frames, or select individual frames of it, photoshop cs6 and image editor visual studio smth was it a old software meant for that, if not u can use gif.maker online or smth like that , i wold not use pngs for the particle effects, it wold be less memory consumption if u use jpegs with a black background and use blending mode alpha , it will automatically remove the black color and ul have ur particles more realistic looking,and less memory usage per frame, but now depends on how much color they have. and what is the background color, u have to trial and error, till u get ur working settings.

  • Good tips, thanks.

  • You can also De-compile flash with this:

    It can make images, or you can pick apart an entire flash game.

    Big shops use Fume FX, but the license can be steep.

    Comes in aftereffects, maya, and 3Ds.

    I would also like to add that Blender has a full fluid simulator, that lets you use particles too, so you can do awesome splash effects and water ripples. (nice for splatting bugs, or blood splats for zombies.)

    Be sure to check out the baked Physics in blender too, you can animate things falling over, or bounce. Neat for explosion effects 8)

    There is a really cool application that has a C2 plugin called Spriter. With that you can import the animations, and even the sound effects. It can also render still frames.

  • Thanks again for the info. I was not interested in decompiling flash. Anyway, I made just for the fun of it, a particles to sprite animation "convertor"... It only records up to 59 frames and I plan to implement a random and a load/save function.

    capx: ... 16_v4.capx

    Test: ... index.html

    You need the Canvas plugin to open the capx

  • Cipriux

    Brilliant !

    I've been working on something similar for making explosions, but yours is 100 times better.

    Hope you finish it.

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  • chrisbrobs I will post an updated version here in couple of days.

  • Cipriux

    Can't wait for updated example.

    A bit of feedback..for what its worth-

    In Chrome browser I was only getting 20 fps, in Nodewebkit constant 60 fps.

    Couple of options I would love to see -

    1, Size of the saved images is 512 x option to change(reduce) this.

    2, Ability to save the animations frames as a single sprite sheet.

  • chrisbrobs About framerate: on my system On Chrome I have 60FPS and firefox I get 10-20 FPS, so I don't know the exact reason.

    Good points. Nr. 1 should not be hard to implement, Nr 2, I guess I could make it as a sprite stript 1row by whatever columns (like the old film frames)

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