Is There A Way To Convert Fla Files To Gif Or PNG?

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  • Ive found a bunch of free sprites that can be used for free online and i was wondering if anybody knows how to convert flash over to a spritesheet.Ive never dealt with flash before and they wont open up in my photoshop software.

    If someone could give me a hand i will slide the link to the assets in here aswell.Thanks All

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  • You could try to download a free trial of Flash Pro CC, open the files in that and export each frame or layer as png, gif, jpeg for use in Photoshop or some spritesheet package application.

    The only alternate Flash-like software I know of is Swish Max 4. I haven't used, it so I don't know how it handles fla files.

  • Boony Thank you and it seems you need a nice computer to run anything in Creative Cloud because it will not allow me to download,I am trying swish Max 4 right now and the link to the assets i found are here enjoy

  • If anyone decides to convert these can you link me to the avatar files in PNG sprite sheets.

    I cant covert them at all and i really would love to use the avatars and the items.

  • Hey RookieDev, how's your project coming along?

    You may find this link useful Glitch assets.

    A kind person named bart has gone to the trouble of converting the Glitch game assets and uploading them to OpenGameArt, for everyone to use.

    Hope that helps!

  • Blacksmith Its actually turning out better than even i expected it too,And thank you for asking blacksmith.How have you been as of late?also How is your project/projects fairing?

    Also i want to thank you for the link,This will help out alot of people including myself.Im actually lvl building a free game right now with some of Glitchs beautiful enviroment art.It will go perfect with mobile.

    One thing i want to ask is are the avatars in the file? I have been checking for the default avatar,and im not coming across it.It really matters that we get ahold of the Default character and the main facial features for customization efforts.

  • Not to sure if they've included avatars in the download. There are a lot of images, and I haven't had a chance to look through them all yet. I have seen a few npc sprites though, so perhaps you'll find something useful.

    Glad to hear things are going well, keep up the good work :)

    We're working hard to try and finish a few projects. Then we just need to find a way to start making some money from them (all sounds so simple doesn't it!)

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing some of your work, so keep me posted!

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