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  • Hi

    Is there any quick and easy way to convert external jQuery plugin to construct2 plugin or behaviour.. Is this at all possible? If possible, Is there any template that eases this process... I have gone through the scirra JavaScript sdk templates... But what I am asking for is a porting tool or atleast a checklist /something that makes this conversion process simpler? There are so many excellent jQuery plugins out there which i thought could be leveraged within C2, if this is possible...Please let me know

    Thank you

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  • The only way to effectivly use jquery plugins is to use C2 plugins. You could use Browser.execjs() to import a plugin into the internal jquery, but without any C2 plugin to access the new plugin. it would be of little use.

  • Hi jayderyu, Thanks for responding. I am aware of this browser condition but I was wanting to know if there was any easy method to port external jQuery plugin and create a C2 plugin from that. Looks like there isn't any...

    Thank you

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