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  • Hey Guys/Gals

    I have simple capx attached here for viewing - I trying to figure out a simple conversation system that interacts with different players and updates the speech box. I figure an easy way would be to use var's to keep track of the conversations but if you play though this one it jumps right to the second conversation piece can someone help me understand why...

    from my point of view it should have check that conversation = 0

    or is it because I'm still overlapping at the time it updates it too 2 I'm still on it so it converts to text two right away if thats the case a work around to this???

  • Alter it to work like this..

  • That results in the same thing??? not sure what the Harry in in line 2 action??

  • Anyone? is there a tutorial on RPG dialogue I'm missing?

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  • Spongehammer's solution is taking out the common action of adding 1 to Conversation, up one level, which is great. My tip to you though is to always use Else between checking a value like you're doing. This would've made your code in work in the first place BTW. I'd go with Spongehammer's solution AND use an Else, just to get into good habits. The exact same problem would occur in a 'real' language like Java or C/C++.

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