Controlling Instances [SOLVED]

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  • I have a sprite called "Attractor" instances of this sprite have been copied a number of times within a scene

    I have a sprite called "Bee" again with multiple instances.

    I want to give the attractors two states "on" and "off" - every 5 seconds I want the system to pick one attractor at random and to turn it to "on" while turning the others "off"

    At the same time, when an Attractor is "On" I want to tell the bees (which are physics objects) to apply force to the "On" Attractos position.

    Does this make sense?

    I can't figure it out. I don't know how to control different instances of the same object. Especially I don't know how to tell the Bees to move to the different instances of that same object.

  • its pretty easy


  • Pretty simple:

    <img src="" border="0">

    beeeeees.capx (r110.2)

    ah too slow :)

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  • haha yeah thats....pretty obvious.

    I've never used 'pick'

    Thanks guys :)

  • Gah I messed up

    So there's another complication. The player character, when the player character gets close to an attractor and the attractor is "on" - I need the bees add force towards the player.

    I've got distance(playerbase.X,playerbase.Y,attractor.X, attractor.y) to determine the distance but it seems to only apply to one of the attractors.

    Any ideas?

  • Scratch that, figured it out :)

    <img src="" border="0" />

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