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  • Hello guys :)

    I have a small problem. I have recently published my game on STEAM. Seams some people have a problem with their controllers. Simply their controllers doesn't work.

    Someone suggested me to check out those STEAM settings: SETTINGS -> Controller -> GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS. Select Xbox Configuration Support.

    That helped. However is there anyway that controller could work straight away?

    If anyone could test if their gamepad works?

    The game is here:

    It is free to play.

  • My games start pretty well with the gamepad but your Janosik not. My suggestion is: this is because of a recent Steam update so I haven't updated Steam yet. Another option is possible: You could use the last Steamworks SDK (sdk_150) to compile a new game. (Personally I haven't checked this version).

    The question is: If u released the game for a free - did you created this or did they do it for you?

  • Hello TheFaith30

    Many thanks for your respond. I will try to get last SDK.

    I have made game by myself.

    Ps. Great Avatar, GODS?

  • Yeah, I checked it quickly on other devices. On Steam Configuration you can select (by ticking the selection window) Steam - Ustawienia: "Użyj nakładki Big Picture gdy korzystasz z kontrolera obsługującego Steam Input"

    However in my opinion the problem is in your code. Try to force the controller at the beginning at the first layout and then you go to the next. For example: Press Start Button on the Gamepad to start the game and you go to the main menu.

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  • Hi TheFaith30

    Thanks for checking game on other deivces. I really apriciate that. I have also checked Big Picture Settings (that works).

    Can I ask you to check one more thing. Here is a picture of my STEAM dev app admin (Input options).

    I have selected few tings there, maybe that is cause of the problem..

    Can I ask what do you have selected in your games? Many thanks in advance.

  • On "opt controllers Into Steam Input" - uncheck these two icons - "Xbox and "Generic (DirectInput)".

    I have all empty. I compiled the game on steamworks_sdk_149. Perhaps the latest 150 is unstable so do it on stable 149. But I don't think it's necessary so just uncheck these functions which I mentioned.

  • Thank you. That is great. I have unchecked those options and compiled game again. Seems that everything works fine now. Thank you for help.

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