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  • Hello,

    I am building a business game with a many to many relationship comparing objects.

    In the proof of concept stage I allow the score to increase if you repeat comparing two objects.

    I am thinking that instance variables might be a way to limit the number of times that the score is increased when two images collide.

    Does this sound like a good way or is there other ways I should consider?

    Additional Details. The game I have has 4 drop zones in the corners of the screen with scrolling objects sliding across the screen. The player drags and drops the object to the drop zone if correct they get points, and should then move the element to the other drop zones if they feel it applies.   Currently in the proof of concept they could increase the score the by repeatedly comparing the 2 elements.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated.



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  • Yeah, up on collision with another object matching a "goal" object

    test to see if the type of object is the same as the appropriate goal.

    eg: if the game piece is "red" and the goal is "red" then set a "check" variable to 1 lets say. Then if they get a second one correct in a row. then set the variable 2 , and whenever that variable equals 2, add a point to their score, and reset the variable to 0

    also set it to 0 anytime they screw up and match them incorrectly.

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