How to control text speed?

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  • Hi.

    I've been working on a project called 'Sanctuary' which is kind of a matroidvania. So far I'm happy with the over all state of the level, but some feedback points at the idea of having the text controlled by a button to skip to the next line or skip up quickly through dialogues. The text at the moment is timed and it can get a bit boring if you're not interested on the story.

    This is the link for the game so far, you'll notice what I mean with the long intro.Anyone is got any idea how to do it?.

    h t t p s ://

    I read someone mentioned on a forum about adding java scripting, but I'm not very good with any sort of coding... it would need to be very very basic.


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  • A quick way to do that would be to replace the condition of the event that advance the text to a function trigger. Your timer would then simply call that function. After, you could add any kind of alternate event that would call the same function, something like "On space bar pressed" and the likes. It's important to reset your timer at the call of the function, so that your "auto next page" timer doesn't skip a newly displayed text.

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