How do I control specific volume levels?

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  • My main menu is almost complete; I'm just working on the Options menu.

    I'd like to have different variables for volume regarding Ambience / Background sound, SFX, Voice and Music.

    Four separate controls. I've got it all set up to change variables, all I need is an actual function that changes volume levels when x = y.

  • I'm not sure what you mean by when x = y?

    If you have the variables

    Wouldn't it just be a case of setting the volume inside the play action to the variable?

  • What I'm saying is that Music, Ambience, Sound & SFX should all have their own variables, controlled by variables which are changed at the Options menu.

    I can't figure out if there's a way to set these as four separate audio "channels" for lack of a better word.

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  • I'm guessing, you know which sounds belong to which category..

    So in the play audio action (which you would have to make for each sound anyway) you could assign the right variable to the right sound..

    If you want to affect sounds already playing, adding the tag "Music", "Ambience", etcetera to the play action, should work..

    Then you can reference those in your event-sheet to set the volume..

    Could be, I'm completely missing the point of your question, though..

  • I just want to organize four categories of sounds, and have their volume / db controlled by a variable. For some reason if I have the variable "MusicVolume" and the music file tagged with "Music", this does NOT work: Set "Music" volume to MusicVolume dB

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