How do I have control of the room in multiplayer?

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  • I dont know if this are feature request or questions so here are the list:

      - Close the room so no more peers are allowed to enter (this is because the game starts and i dont want to wait for more players to get in)
      • Change the room size in game (usefull if new players want to join a room)
      • Change name (ID) of the room (this might be logic to just close the room, but i ask if there is a way)
      • Diference between Room Perma Ban (don't allow this peer to connect again to specific room) and Server Complete Ban (dont allow the Peer to send or request data from the server to stop spammers and hackers (ip blacklist?)
      • can i know the Ip from a peer?
      • Ping Action with Pong Trigger, a simple instant message between server and host to meassure ping BETWEEN PEERS AND to the server (this is to know if one of the peers have connection problems or his origin is lagging the rest of the players)
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