How do I control the Z order during gameplay?

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  • Is there a way to manually set the Z-order of the objects in the game? The only option is to send to the top or bottom? I would like to control intermediate positions in the Z order with the player's actions.

    I am using the plugin Rexrainbow, Me helps a lot, but does all the work for me, I would like to know how to control each position of objects during game play.with the plugin Rex, I can sort the enemies and the player perfectly, but when the hero hit an enemy positioned a layer above the player in order Z, I want the enemy to move a layer behind the player, and not go to last position in the Z order of the layout.

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  • Hi,

    You have the option to change it at runtime. Chek for Z-Order => Move to top/bottom of layer, Move to layer (you specify), and move to Object which let you choose in front or behind.

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