How do I control left/right movements (mouse/accel)

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  • Hi!

    I have an object which has to have left/right movements. I cannot use 8-direction behavior because I won't use keyboard.

    So I tried CustomMovement. The thing here is that I don't want to work with acceleration. The object physics inertia is killing me. I just want to set the object's constant speed.

    Here's where I am:

    Events sheet:

    • System (On tart of layout): Object -> Set CustomMovement Overall speed to 1
    • System (Every tick): Object -> Accelerate CustomMovement 100 toward (Object.X + touch.Beta, Object.Y)

    Whenever acceleration goes left or right or even mouse movement (if it is before or after the object) I want the object to move left or right in constant speed.

    Any ideas?


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  • Hello!

    Im not very good with C2 but I think what you would do is make the behavior 8-Direction then click on the sprite. Under behaviors click on Directions and change it to left and right. To stop the friction and inertia change the acceleration and deceleration to a very high number like 1000. I hope this helps!

  • If you are still interested, this is a way to do what you describe, without behaviors.

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