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  • Howdy-- i have this little demo game here:

    "" and it's all good so far. The thing is-- i have the camera set to scroll on the red crab && it doesn't always come in first. I would like to set-up the camera so's that it scrolls with whichever crab is first after the turn < the winner > so that it looks better when that one crosses the finish line. Is not always a problem-- but rarely it is.

    I am thinking it might need to be an "if/else" but, am clueless as to how i would go about that. I would be grateful for any reply or help at all &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

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  • use the "scroll to" event , not the "scroll" behavior !

    This way , you can change easily the scroll to object !

  • Thanks for the reply Buddy-- && will do.

    --UPDATE: Hey, yeah, that works great. I didn't realize that it would center the view between multiple objects at once and it works just right.

    Also, turned "pixel-rounding" ON && "iOS Retina or whatever" to OFF in the props window && it looks and plays about 100% better. Thanks for your help.

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