How do I control background music trought layout

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  • Hello!

    I'm trying to have different background musics on differents levels.

    So I uploaded some music files and I can't get them to play correctly.

    Basically I have a homepage/menu with a background music tagged "menumusic".

    -On start of layout// Audio- play "menumusic" looping, -10db,

    Then, I start the game and go to the layout/stage01:

    On start of layout// Audio-Stop "menumusic"

    Audio-Play "stage01music"looping,-10db

    When I test my layout trought my browser it's fine and every song is playing invidualy as it should. But then when I'm trying to start from the menu stage and go to the stage01. The "menumusic" stop but the other one doesn't start. I only have the sounds that play and no background music.

    I tryed to ditch the Audio Stop :"menumusic", and then the music from the homepage will continue playing endlessly trought the different layouts. The others background music won't start...

    I tryed to get to the "global"setting of the music but I only have that option for objects.

    I have a personnal license, if that affects the possible options.

    Meanwhile the sounds are perfectly playing.

    Does anyone of you have a clue? Thanks you so much in advance!

  • I have exactly the same setup and it works for me without a problem. What C2 version you're using? Try disable the music in the start layout, to see if the stage music starts. Check for typo. Try switch songs - play stage music in the menu and menu music in the stage 1.

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  • It's really annoying. I've been trying to mute it, stop it in another event, using other audio files, the result is always the same. Either it plays continuously through all layout, or it just stop after the first layout...

  • If you use the command stop all at the start of layout then start that level music does that work??

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