How do I Control APK Environment?

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  • Hey there, first off, if this thread is the wrong place, please move it. I am not exactly sure where this question goes. Anyways!

    I noticed that my Kobo Arc, using Chrome, is running my preview over WiFi on canvas2d. If I use the stock browser... also canvas2d. Firefox, however, supports webGL. So, my question is, will my final APK file run off the default device browser? Or is there a wrapper of some sorts provided by CocoonJS/Intel XDK/etc etc?

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  • Crosswalk is basically like chrome for android, so it will behave like chrome for android (however an option to bypass the chrome blacklist is on the go from what I understood)

    CocoonJS can also ensure webGL is used (however I think cocoonJS cannot interpret JS as fast on iOS as it does on android, so on iOS using WebGL can cause maybe a slower game as webgl is adding work on the js part, not sure this is really a problem though)

    I think the one wrapper using the default webview of the device is phonegap.

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