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  • Is there an example project or tutorial for a top down car game where the car is at the bottom of the screen, and you have to dodge traffic/obstetrical? You can only move left and right, the forward speed is continuous. I had a try, but the screen pan puts the car in the middle of the screen, not at the bottom.

  • I would love to make a SpyHunter clone for the fun of it..

    I would use a top down tilemap that scrolls and have my car use the 8-direction behavior without using any direction but side to side.

    Wherever you drop your car object is where it will start.. I would put an invisible spawn object at its starting point and have that create a new player after death or at start.

    Your boundries could be invisible sprites and... I better stop before I run off and change my project..

    I didn't see a tutorial as such for this type but ANY top scroller, 1945, space, etc will work.. what is difference in a spaceship going back and forth to shoot falling aliens and a car going back and forth to dodge cars... nothing but the graphics..

    I will throw you a quick tutorial up tomorrow if I get the time.


    ob·stet·ri·cal (adjective) : of or relating to childbirth and the processes associated with it.

  • Adjusting the endless runner example to go from top to bottom would probably suit your needs..

  • I put together a very basic tutorial .capx which shows what I was referring to above, it may or may not be what your looking for but maybe it will help point you in a direction to go. ... x-tutorial

  • I would only let the car move left and right. Never move the car or the view.

    Scroll the background and objects.

    View would stay in the correct place, as would the car!

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  • I added some old school NES Road Fighter style stuff to a second .capx file in the tutorial linked above if anyone is interested.

    I agree with Tylermon, with this type of game the player should never be allowed to move forward or backwards unless limited by invisible barriers of some sort.

    The worldly objects and terrain should move and simulated actual forward movement.

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