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  • Anyone is having issues with the continuous preview?

    I'm getting a error message and then the browser draw the player all wrong.

    On the error message it say the java can't find the UID to pin the sprite.

    On the player I have a shadow and a collision area pinned.

    The events to set the position and pin them to the player is on a "start layout trigger".

    The player, shadow and collision area are all Global.

    If on the events I toggle the events off, the game don't show the error, but I don't get the player too.

    So, after searching and isolating the problem I did a clean file with the reproduction, but there it's working well.

    I deleted everything and tried all the code combination, so, I cleaned up the entire game leaving only that part of events where I pin the things, still getting error, so, I'm sure about where is the problem, but I can't reproduce it to report as bug...

    And you, is having any trouble like this?

    Without the continuous preview, do an entire stage is taking longer than necessary, when a such feature is available.

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  • We had this problem after upgrading to r124 or r123 not sure, we fixxed it with:

    -> Save as Project

    -> Open the saved Project and save it again in a different folder

    -> Open it there and it should work ;)

  • Darklinki, It need to be in folder or CAPX mode?

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