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  • Hello fellow Construct 2 users, I was wondering if there is anyway to loop a long sequence of images for my background. The problem is I cannot use a tiled background because the images cannot repeat themselves. Each image needs to lead into the next picture. All together I have about 60+ images (all different) in a specific order that I need to have moving right-to-left on the screen. I'm having trouble finding the best method to get the entire sequence of images to repeat itself in a fluid motion after the last image is in the center of the screen. Following that last image should be the very first image, giving it the illusion that the sequence is continuous.

    What's my best bet?

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  • You can use the same type of method that is used in the infinite runner templates. You can still use a tiled background for each one, just make them their real size so no repeating. Then you use an array, or dictionary or even a series of variables (maybe just name each background as background1, background2, etc...) then you can just call spawn background + number (increment the number each time in a loop).

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