Continuous falling/landing on a sloped jump-through platform

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  • it's strange, it was working fine for a while and then all of a sudden, without any changes in the code (only changes made in the layout) the platform movement continuously falls and lands when walking down a slope at a 45 degree angle. this causes a judder of the sprite and all on landing events to get triggered.

    the speed for the platform movement is slow, 77 at max. is this a bug? are there any ways to fix it?

  • What happens if you disable jump-through on this platform, does the character walk normally, without falling/landing?

    I recall seeing several bug reports about jump-through, so it worth checking if this behavior is really causing the problem.

  • i didn't disable, but what caused it seems to be when two jump through platforms are overlapping. i have some that are diagonal and some horizontal and it seems like the platform behaviour thinks it's on both of them if at any part they are overlapping. problem is i do need them to overlap!... any ideas?

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  • Can you share a small capx demonstrating the issue?


    hope that works.

    the slope to the left works OK but the ones with platforms at the top don't. walk down the slope as the collision box is overlapping the top platform to see what happens.

  • either way, i think i'm throwing in the towel for this one. it was meant to be a game jam submission but i've spent too long dealing with little C2 annoyances like this one that i can't really see a straight solution to. it's probably best to keep to the basics and not to overly rely on C2 functions to make games using the engine.

    thanks for offering to help!

  • Yeah, definitely looks like a bug. It works the same in C3.

    You can change collision polygon on the character sprite like this, it will work better.

    Use a different sprite for other collision checks.

  • thanks, i considered it but it would mess up a lot of different things in the game as it is right now.

    it would make more sense to me if the jump-through behavior was tied to the mid/bottom of the bounding box rather than the whole collision polygon. i feel like a lot of things about construct try to be a catch all but end up like a wide holed net. sometimes it's better to keep things focused but with limitations.

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