How do I make a continuous cosmic tail? Best with particles?

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  • Maybe there are amount of ways to do a cosmic tail for a spaceship, but depending on its cost, It would be much more effective make it with particles, isn't it? The particles properties, as much I know, doesn't allow to create a continuous effect to avoid the blanks among the particles. So, which is the best way to achieve an effect like this?

  • You can just spawn sprites with the Fade behaviour.

  • Thanks Blackhohrnet. As usually, a good fix from you.

    Meanwhile, in this capx there is an issue with the 8direction behaviour, which I posted in a different topic. Anyway, can you help with this too, please? I mean, the sprite always ends its movement being corrected by Construct automatically, facing a 90º direction, up, down, left or right, but it does not hold the position which it was taking during movement.

  • I see what you mean, but the statement is not actually true. As long as you release the keys at exactly the same time, it does hold it's angle. The problem is if one key is released a fraction of a second later than the other, then it angles toward that key's direction.

    You'd have to roll you own manual control, tracking key latency, and ignoring 'quick' key presses/releases.

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  • Ok, I see.

    I'll search for key latency in Construct. It sounds like the appropiate solution.

    Thanks again, Blackhornet

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