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  • I'm just starting out with Construct 2.

    I have a sprite called PlayerPosition moving towards another sprite called PlayerTarget and another sprite called Player that is pinned to PlayerPosition. PlayerTarget's position is updated to the mouse position when clicked. In the click event, I start Player's walking animation. That works fine, but then the animation doesn't continue from the beginning when it ends.

    I attempted to resolve this by adding an event that detects when the walking animation has ended, with the action being Start Animation.

    This did not work: The animation does not start from the beginning. Instead, whenever I click the mouse, the Player sprite is stretched horizontally. That is the wrong event (mouse click instead of animation ended) and the wrong action (stretch sprite horizontally instead of start animation).

    What's going on here?

  • Did you had set the animation into loop?

    2x click your sprite and check the option on the upper left side~

  • I double clicked the sprite on the layout and it opened the animation editor. There was no option anywhere for looping the animation. I also tried double clicking the sprite in the Objects frame. Double clicking seems to be the same as single clicking - it shows the sprite's properties in the Properties frame. In the Properties frame, there is no option for looping animations.

    Can you please tell me where the option is to loop animations?

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  • 2x click the sprite on layout and click the animation bar~

    For default, it has a "Default" animation within the bar~

    Click the "Default" and check the options on the upper left~

    (Note: Upper left of C2 instead of image editor~)

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