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  • Hello,

    I am almost done with my game, just stumbled upon something i cannot figure out. My game is 72 levels, I would like to avoid having too many events for the "Next Level" button. I have named the layouts from 0-72, and I tried

    On Button Clicked ----> Got to Layout "Layout.Name+1"

    obviously it is not working, is there any way for this to happen?

  • str(int(LayoutName) + 1)[/code:1ivq9v1l]
  • If your levels layout are called "Level_01" to "Level_75", to go to the next one, you could do:

    Go to layout (by name): "Level_"& tokenat(LayoutName, 1, "Level_")

  • There are a few ways to go about it as mentioned above. This is the method I use:

    I name my levels "Level1" to "Level71"

    I create a global variable that determines which level I am at. Than when the player clicks on the next level button:

    Add +1 to CurrentLevelVariable

    Go to layout "Level"&CurrentLevelVariable

    I also create another variable to store the highest level I've cleared. This is useful as you can create a continue button like many games that will bring the player to the level they have yet to clear. Hopefully this helps a bit.

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  • Thank you very much, I actually used the 3 mentioned ways above for different parts of the game and now it is finally a complete level system Every time I think i reached a convenient level in C2, I notice that there is more possibilities and much more to learn.

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