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  • Hi all,

    Brief Into, feel free to skip it! main problem is below my ramblings..



    Myself and a friend are in the process of trying to make a flashback(ish) type platformer.

    I sifted through the various programs and pretty quickly settled on C2, played for a couple of weeks and was so impressed that I bought the full version and got stuck in.

    I have a couple of hundered events so far and worked through many a problem via the "How do I.." threads and examples but have become stuck on something that seems simple but I can't get my head around.

    I'm struggling with proper use of the more complex side of C2 (functions/UID's/containers etc.) but am trying hard and learning slowly!



    I made a 'Monster' that wanders around with a swarm of flies that follow him (with the awesome BOIDS plugin), upon seeing you he will stop and command his fly minions to head your way. On the monster losing sight of the Player the swarm will return to him, and so on.

    The problem is, I thought I'd be able to CTRL click copy him elsewhere in the layout and any Monster/Swarm combo's would act independantly

    Some of the attempts have been very long winded and failed but this incredibly simple 2 line attempt with containers seemed like it might work with a little guidance.

    The flies stay with (and return to) their original owners when the player is not in 'Monster' LOS but upon One of the 'Monster' Instances seeing you ALL the fly's head towards the player, not just the ones paired with the Monster that can see you :(

    Attatched a quick New Project below with a v simplified version of what's happening:

    Any guidance on where to focus my next tutorial hunting to help me with this would be much appreciated!

    Currently watching Yann's(?) 2 hour Picking Tutorial video for the second time hoping it may help :)



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