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  • ok. so working with containers and i'm having a problem that as I understand should not be occuring.

    From the manual

    "Placing objects in a container has the following effects:

    If a condition picks one object in a container, every other associated object in its container is also picked.

    The third point is the main purpose of containers. Containers are also picked in events as a whole. This makes events treat containers as if they were one object. For example, if a condition picks a tank base instance, it also automatically picks the base's associated turret."

    This is actaully not happening. Picking seems to be very subjective to how containers work.

    Ok. So I have my player sprite. I use instances of the sprite to represent differnt playrs. however my sprite is part of a container. Which include leg and mouth sprites as attack sensors.(let's stick to leg)

    When my sprites leg sensor hit's an enemy the player bounces, gains some stamina and hp. however that's not what is happening. instead EVERY player bounces and gains hp and stamina.

    What's worse is that when PvP players hitting each other with the legs has worse effects. The player that is hit by the legs works, but the owner of the leg sensor isn't picked.

    Simply put. It seems that there is no picking going on or I'm missign something. So i'm asking here first.

    Here is how it looks

    -legattack "On collision with Fairy"

    +player platform vectory Y to -200 // this is to bounce

    +player add fairy.staminaRestore to stamina

    then this occurs to all players. So did I do somethign wrong?

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