Construct 2 View Doesn't Match Run Layout View

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  • I have a consistent problem that when I run layouts, they always end up jumbled and disorganized despite being organized when I first put them together.

    The buttons and the text move and begin overlapping every time.

    If I ever wanted to produce something with professional quality, I can't have the text and buttons moving around randomly and for no reason between when I create the program and it's exported. Not to mention it's really annoying.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or is the program bugged? I used a webcam example provided by the Scirra and even then the text ended up under the button.

    Sorry I can't provide photos, Scirra won't let me post URLS yet.

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  • You might have some scaling and parallax problems or it could be z order problems - but it's impossible to advise without a capx to look at. Past a link without the http or so someone can have a look - photos are of limited use without the actual code to look at as well. In my experience of C2 there have been very few bugs but plenty of me asking the computer to do something I didn't intend through my coding.

  • I'm just using the base webcam template.

    Just start a new file and go to the webcam template. I can try to post it also. "Example webcam Level Intermediate" is the name of the file.

    That template from the base templates formats the text under the buttons when I preview it.

    Help much appreciated.

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