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    First of all i am by no means a construct expert, nor am i a computer expert at all. Please bare this in mind while reading this.

    I decided to try and make a game/touch screen application using the construct software.

    I have done pretty well so far, but hit a wall and I am looking for some help from you kind forum readers.

    The game I have made is a basic game of pairs. a turn card game. nothing exciting.

    there is to be 16/20 cards to turn on the screen.

    I have followed numerous tutorials on the subject to help me create this basic game.

    The problem I am facing is that I can not duplicate cards for some reason. I have one card on the game so far but construct will not let me duplicate it.

    Any help and advice on this subject would help me greatly.

    Thank you so much everyone

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  • When requesting help, provide post a capx of your project so that it's easier for us to investigate and give you proper help.

    On top of my head, without seeing the project, you could hold down the Ctrl key when editing your layout and drag drop the "first" card.

    This should create new instances.

    You can also use the system action "Create object" that allows you to create another instance of your object in code.

    In the end it really depends on what you're trying to achieve and how.

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