Construct Stable Release VS. Beta Release

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  • Hello wonderful community So, I have been making a game within the Construct beta release, and for some reason, some SIMPLE events in the event sheet isnt trigering a menu on a new layer or layouy....

    anyways I was wonder if its because the beta release is glitchy when it comes to events, or is it just me being a noob lol?? Can the beta affect the events??

  • I'm going to say most likely both. Beta builds are marked as beta because this may have bugs as they are currently being worked on. thats way they are beta and not stable. As for your simple events not working that is a mistake a lot of beginners have the same issue as they don't read the manual and/or don't really now how they works

    so here's what I recommend

    1) read the sections of the manual you having issues with

    2) Check out the beginners guide ... onstruct-2 and check some other tutorials while your there

    3)if you still want help you can share a screenshot or capx and we will try and help

  • hey, thanks for the input

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  • First backup your project just in case something happens then open your .caproj in a text editor

    locate this line <saved-with-version>18800</saved-with-version>

    and change in Note 18800 to 18400 and that will make it able to open in the last stable version, but if you've added anything that was made in the betas it can break your project so make sure you backup. If you want to downgrade to a different version you just have to make the number that Build version with two zeros added.

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