How can I make construct skip an event after "using" it once

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  • How can I make construct skip an event after "using" it once?

    I can very simply do this by setting a bool-like variable but construct still has to check the conditions every tick, is there an option to make the event an "one time event" - such event would when it is triggered once be automatically skipped every other tick, is this possible?

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  • System > Trigger once while true. This is what you want i guess.

  • The on start of layout event is only checked once, but if you'd like events at other times to not even be read by construct, putting them inside a group in the event sheet and de-activting that group would do the trick..

  • Or if you have a couple of duplicates of an object and you only want to trigger something once for each single object (and also creating new objects during runtime). Easiest would be to add a boolean variable to the object and change the value while you trigger that specific action (+ having a check on the status of that variable in the condition).

    You see, there are hundrets of possible solutions. If you tell us more about what your goal is, we might be able to help you better with an appropriate solution.

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