How do I Construct 2 to not suspend when switching tab ?

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  • Hello everybody !

    I've been working on an E-Learning platform where I create some courses. To make my courses more alive, I've built some simulations with Construct 2 but the problem is that it's totally unusable when I switch tabs.

    My course is on one browser tab, but there's multiple tabs on it to naviguate on several pages. I've put my simulation on one of those tabs. It works good until I switch from an other tab of my course. At this moment, the simulation froze and even if I come back on the tab, it's all frozen.

    I've put a picture of the course below. There's one URL for all of that, switching tabs doesn't change the main URL or else (it's like a big application).

    But if I go on an other tab on this page, the simulation that is visible on the picture freeze and even if I click on it, it stays like this.

    I've tried touching the js, but with no results for the moment.

    EDIT :

    I've tried with severals browsers and I've got different results:

    - Chrome freeze my game in the page.

    - Firefox have no problem and make it works perfectly.

    - Internet Explorer doesn't even charge my C2 game.

    So now I'm trying to understand how to make it work for each browser, if it's possible.

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