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  • Hi!

    I made a multiplayer game, tried it out with my friend, and did not host the room who first entered the room. (based on youtube tutorial)

    And when I hosted it I was perfect, my friend was a bit tired and when he turned the character (bent over) he was lagging.

    Can not somehow do it so that it does not laggoljon or can not be hosted by a server?

    I saw a multiplayer signaling server in the scirra shop and I do not understand how it works and what good is it for? (i do not really understand the part of multiplayer for construct 2 sorry)

    Sorry my bad english.

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  • You do not need to buy the signalling server in most cases, Scirra provides one for free that you can use.

    Lag is an inherent part of networking and multiplayer games. You should read the official multiplayer tutorials to get a better understanding of various techniques that allow you to manage lag.

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