Construct 2 & Linux (for posterity's sake):

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  • These instructions are for Ubuntu-based distributions:

    1. Install WINE. I'm partial to the 64-bit version, as it seems to not fail me in most of the software I use it for.

    2. Install winetricks.

    3. Install dotnet 4.5. This will attempt to install DirectX, but it will not work, just ignore it as it isn't necessary.

    4. Download Construct2 and nodejs from the Scirra website. Install them both with wine64. (Version numbering here is for current as I downloaded today.)

    5. Start Construct 2. I found if you start it before applying your license txt file, it runs much more smoothly. Click away all the extra messages that come up.

    6. After first run, close Construct 2 and put your c2license.txt file in /home/yourusername/Documents

    7. Start Construct 2 again, and you'll be using C2 with your license applied.

    I know Scirra doesn't support this method of using Construct 2, but it's something I've worked with getting going in the past.

    Everything seems to work fine except previews, which is the thing I'll be focused on figuring out next. It seems to want to start an http server to preview it, so that might be a little more difficult to find a workaround. I've tried nodejs preview, but that also seems to have some issues I need to figure out.

    Exporting seems to work fine, though. However, screen transitions do not operate as expected. I do not know why this is.

    Any help with these issues I've come across is more than welcome.

    Thank you for your time!

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