Construct 2, Kongregate, and Kreds

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  • How can I integrate Kred buying into my Construct 2 game? I know the IAP works with Google play. Can that be done but with Kongregate? Where it intergrates with the Kongregate Kreds system?

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  • Bumping again. I found Rex's and it lets you buy stuff, but Kongregate says there has to be a way of checking for previous purchases. In their checklist for sending in games they mention checking for things that have already been bought.

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  • Kongregate has a checklist for uploading games. One of them is if you use IAP there is checking for purchased items.

    I got Rex Rainbow's IAP plugin for Kongregate. I think i figured out how to do a purhcase. I dont know how to do a Restore Purchase or check for Purchase. Does Rex Rainbow plugin Kongregate IAP let you Check for Purchases and Restore Purchases.

    Like Cordova has Restore Purchase and Check for Product. Does Rex Rainbow's plugin do that, or is there another plugin for Construct 2 IAP Kreds?

    Kongregate requires that you check for purchased items. Also for the player I'd like to have a way they can restore purchases too. Like click a button check for purchases.

  • Is there anyway to do this with Rex's or another plugin? Kongregate says in their checklist that the game should look for purhcases at start up:

    I don't see anything in Rex's that let you do that. I see a way of purchasing items, which is good. But there is no way for the game to check to see if the item has been purchased. Since Kongregate requires that and if ppl have used Rex's before there must be a way of doing it, or Rex's doesn't do it and there's another plugin.

    Cordova has: Purchase, on purchase successful, has product, restore purchase, and restore successful. Is Rex's missing those? If it is missing them is there another plugin that lets you use Kreds in Construct 2?

  • Kongregate is one of the biggest libraries of games on the Internet. How is Kred support not a thing in Construct 2? I looked all over and could find no info on how to integrate Kred support into construct 2.

    Rex's Rainbow looks promising and it has a Purchase function but is missing a Restore purchase fuction, purchase successful, has product, and on restore successful. So the player can get a purchased item back if/when they play the game again.

    If not Kongregate then what browser game sites' IAPs are supported in Construct 2?

  • I would recommend contacting rexrainbow and ask him to see if he can consider adding that missing Restore purchase function into the plugin.

  • Phoenixbowman

    I did not find "restore purchase function" in Kreds & Virtual Goods.

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