how construct file exported as html website can ac

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  • I have two pages

    1] plain html/php pages

         user enters cricket or chess and click submit button

         if user has enterd cricket then session variable is set to sachin

         if user has enterd chess then session variable is set to anand

         and then content of another PHP file is inserted here(by <? include 'screen2.html' ?>)


    2] screen2.html has an iframe which is linked to a website hosted at a 3rd party server

    (this site at 3rd party server is a construct file exported as html website)

    now this file inside the iframe must display the session variables(which were set earlier).

    i have tried to access the session varibales by web storage in c2 file. did not work

    In a nutshell, my query is

    how construct file exported as html website(this exported file is embedded in iframe) can access the session variables set by php

    Please help

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