How does Construct decide where new windows open?

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  • This is a question about the Construct UI:

    How does Construct decide where opens the event sheet or layout when I double click to open it inside the projects-panel? At the moment Construct is opening all event sheets inside a very small window which is very frustrating for me. Is there any way I can make construct open event sheets in the same UI window where my other event sheets are open?

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  • The main window can only be split in 2 or have sheets/layouts take the entire window space, when all the bars are undocked.

    If you accidentally spitted it in half, just drag one of the two child windows into the other and it will take the full window space

  • I'm not sure if I understand.. I would not like to change my window layout, I would just like to understand how Construct decides where a new layout or even sheet should open. My current layout spans two monitors and is setup like this (from left to right):

    Monitor 1:

    -properties panel

    -big window for layouts

    Monitor 2:

    -layers panel

    -big window for event sheets

    -projects panel

    -objects panel

    Again, I'm very happy with that setup, but when I open layouts from the projects-panel, they open inside the projects panel (I would like them to open in one of the big windows instead).

  • Sorry I didn't know you had a dual monitor setup.

    I have a dual setup too but how is it possible to have the layout and event sheet on different monitors? They are docked inside the main window!

  • You need to stretch the main window so that it spans both monitors. You can stretch it if you first click on the little rectangle in the top right corner of the program.

  • Ah, now I see. I know hot to stretch a window, but I though you had found a proper method to move the event sheet on another monitor, while keeping the main window maximized in one monitor.

    If you have a Nvidia card I believe that the Nview application can force dialogue boxes into a specific display

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