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  • Hi!

    I was wondering if someone could help me with implementing with Construct 2. I have the login and leaderboard functions of working, but I'm struggling with implementing them in the layout for my game. My game has a main menu with different options the player can touch to choose, and when the dialog boxes pop up they can still touch these options behind the dialog boxes, meaning as the user logs into or interacts with the leaderboard, they can unknowingly be pressing different menu options like starting the game. Is there any way to put the dialog boxes on another layer, or only have the menu options work when there isn't a dialog box on the screen? I noticed this doesn't happen nearly as much using the mouse and keyboard controls, but when I export to cocoonjs and try on my ipad/iphone the issue is glaring, and every interaction with the dialog box also affects the game world.

    Here is the .capx to try it out

    Thanks in advance


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