Construct 2 and Adobe DPS?

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  • I've been testing out how to possibly add an interactive piece made with C2 to an iOS Newsstand publication using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

    I have built a couple test pieces, they work wonderfully, only one issue: on any touch of the screen (iPad) the in-app navigation shows up. I hit up the Adobe forum first and was told the following:

    "According to one of our developers, when you display HTML content in DPS, the viewer looks for elements with handlers such as onclick and ontouchstart or an event listener such as addEventListener. If any of these elements are present, tapping the item should not display the nav bars.

    If you dynamitcally set the element.ontouchstart function after the content has loaded, the nav bars will appear when the item is tapped. To suppress the nav bars, one approach is to change the function that applies the handler functions to use addEventListener."

    Being a graphics guys, not a developer, I've been struggling all week to figure out how to add a handler into the index.html file that the viewer will recognize.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


    -The Bunker-

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