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  • I am new to construct 2 and have completed begginers tutorial but i want to learn,will one of you help me to do so in excange i will guide another newcomer

  • Actually if you don't have a specific project or problem you are working on, lurking on this forum and helping others is a fantastic way to learn yourself. You don't actually have to answer the posts, but you can work on finding solutions.

    In the beginning, maybe you won't know any given solution off the top of your head, but you can still try to figure it out. You will also be able to follow and see how other people approach the issue, and ask questions.

    Sometimes I treat it like a game, where each person's question is like an individual puzzle problem. I find it refreshing to work on isolated mechanics that can be completed/solved rather than my own big projects which can drag on every once in a while. Or when I'm in between my own works and don't have anything better to do

  • The best way to learn C2 is to start with the built in examples and run them and then look at the event sheets so you understand the basic event commands.

    Then start replacing the sprites with your own sprites and look at the behaviors and how each behavior is used.

    Once you understand a few basic behaviors and how to set up a layout and write a few events anyone can make simple games.

    Play with everything in C2 and that is the fastest way to understand what the commands do. You won't break it and it can handle the abuse.

    You can always bring any problems you have to the forum and lots of good people here with experience will help you along the way.

  • The first Game you decide to make should be as simple as possible. Alot of folks bite off more than they can chew, get discouraged and quit. After you have gone through making a small game from scratch to publishing you will understand the overall process and get a huge confidence boost for larger games.

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  • I am new to construct 2 and have completed begginers tutorial but i want to learn,will one of you help me to do so in excange i will guide another newcomer

    Another quick method on top of all the good advice that our colleagues have been given is, if you have a few bugs to spend you can buy ready temples from the store wich a lot of them are really well commented what does each event, wich I found really useful for myself and can save you a lot of your time:

    This is the link:

  • Speaking of free Capx files to try here are a few of mine that use only a few events:

    Ricochet Tile Buster:

    Bug Blaster:


    Those all use just basic movement events and commands all C2 game designers should know.

    You are welcome to download them and there are many more free capx examples in the tutorials and forum if you just search for them.

  • thank you all for your kindness

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